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Faye Tracey HR recruitment discipline

An introduction to our new HR & People Operations practice

With a background in recruitment and internal talent management, Faye Tracey brings over 6 years’ experience to the Robert Walters HR & People Operations practice. She tells us about how her passion for HR was ignited, the trends she sees driving HR in San Francisco and why she loves working with tech startups at Robert Walters.
Michael Acton Smith CoFounder CoCEO Calm

Career Life Stories: Michael Acton Smith, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Calm

From Monsters to Meditation, Michael’s entrepreneurial journey has been a roller coaster ride, but he’s now in the midst of building Calm, his third startup, this time with a decidedly more mindful approach.

Mid year recruitment update: Product Management

Product management recruitment has always been associated with a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process, due to the importance of the function, where it serves as a bridge across multiple internal functional areas.

Mid year recruitment update: Marketing, Business Development & Sales

Demand for sales and marketing talent has remained consistent throughout the first half of the year, as companies continue to see the value in investing in their go-to-market teams from an early stage. SaaS, AI, crypto, health-tech and wellness and ed-tech are some of the industries that have shown the biggest surge in hiring.

Mid year recruitment update: Finance, Business Operations & Human Resources

Recruitment activity has been high overall, particularly for accounting roles. However, there remains a notable shortage of candidates with public accounting backgrounds and between 2-6 years of accounting industry experience, so companies are having a harder time filling roles at this level.

Mid year recruitment update: Engineering

While the overall job market in the Bay Area is hot, the demand for talented software engineers is at boiling point. There’s not a tech company in the Bay Area that is not looking for experienced frontend, full stack, backend or strong mobile engineers. Health-tech, Machine Learning, Fin-Tech and Marketplaces are the sectors that have shown the biggest increases in demand as companies look to tackle real world problems with software.