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Al Guerrero

Career Life Stories: Alejandro Guerrero, Silicon Valley Bank

Alejandro Guerrero, Managing Director at Silicon Valley Bank, talks to us about what makes a successful startup and the best paths to get into corporate development.
man in job interview

5 expert tips for your next accounting job interview

Are you looking to make your next move in the accountancy industry? We’ve asked our accountancy experts for their top tips to help you shine in your next interview…
Connor Fee

Career Life Stories: Connor Fee, Winning by Design

Connor Fee was a successful Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) before becoming a partner at Winning by Design, and now works with high-growth SaaS and B2B companies to drive revenue growth.

Market update 2019: Go to Market

The continued growth of the tech sector fueled the demand for significant recruitment throughout 2018. Despite a tumultuous political environment, the Bay Area has remained especially bullish, despite some global market changes.

Market update 2019: Product Management

As demand for engineering talent continued to increase, the need for product managers increased in parallel.

Market update 2019: Finance & Operations

The demand in both finance and business operations, it remains challenging to hire top talent. Candidates are usually juggling multiple offers from start-ups, and often also have offers from later stage companies where cash compensation is very high.