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Making the transition from visual to product design

In the current design market, we often interact with visual designers trying to make the jump into product design. Whether you want to make the switch for the challenge, the compensation, or the opportunity to create a user-centric design, the move can often be a very rewarding one.

How to start your recruitment career at Robert Walters

With over 13 years experience working in the recruitment industry, Liz Boston joined Robert Walters in 2016 as talent acquisition manager.

Marketing Matters Series: What a Google search can't tell you about hiring your first marketers

How do you know when it’s the right time to hire your first marketer? What should that first marketing hire be in charge of? How will you measure their success? How can you make sure your company is compelling to top talent? All of these questions were addressed in the first event of our new marketing series, “Marketing Matters”.
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Top 10 tips for onboarding new hires

The worst thing you can do after investing so much time and energy into the hiring process for a new employee is ignore the importance of a solid onboarding process.

Product Matters Series: Onboarding

What is the best way to increase employee retention? According to a study conducted by Glassdoor, “organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82%”. As obvious as it may seem, some companies forget the importance of those “early days”, prioritizing processes and paperwork over acclimation, goal-setting, and engagement.

#RealRecruiters Series: Matt Van Winkle

In our #RealRecruiters series, we examine the career trajectories of real recruiters in the Robert Walters San Francisco office. Matt Van Winkle, Senior Recruitment Consultant, started out as a fundraiser at both the University of Redlands and Stanford, when he discovered that his skills would lend themselves well to recruitment. Hear his story below.