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Erica Alioto

Career Life Stories: Erica Alioto, Opendoor

After four years as a lawyer in a large law firm, Erica Alioto made the jump to sales. Starting in a junior sales role she progressed to SVP of sales, before moving into people operations.
Shyna Zhang

Career Life Stories: Shyna Zhang, Product Marketing Masters

As one of the founders of Product Marketing Masters, a community dedicated to advancing the profile, professionalism and reputation of product marketing, Shyna Zhang shares how she narrowly averted a career in finance, and how her time with Microsoft, Accenture and Marketo have all helped give her the perspective she needs to work as a consultant.
Alessandra Sales

Career Life Stories: Alessandra Sales, Smule

A long way from the foreign diplomatic role her academic background had prepared her for, Alessandra Sales talks to us about juggling her new role as a mom with running a 20-person marketing team at Smule.
Dan Pupius

Career Life Stories: Dan Pupius, Range Labs

After several years at Google, Dan Pupius went on to lead Medium’s engineering department where he developed a passion for understanding the way companies are built and subsequently scale. Dan is now CEO of his own company, Range Labs.
Faye Tracey HR recruitment discipline

An introduction to our new HR & People Operations practice

With a background in recruitment and internal talent management, Faye Tracey brings over 6 years’ experience to the Robert Walters HR & People Operations practice. She tells us about how her passion for HR was ignited, the trends she sees driving HR in San Francisco and why she loves working with tech startups at Robert Walters.
Michael Acton Smith CoFounder CoCEO Calm

Career Life Stories: Michael Acton Smith, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Calm

From Monsters to Meditation, Michael’s entrepreneurial journey has been a roller coaster ride, but he’s now in the midst of building Calm, his third startup, this time with a decidedly more mindful approach.