Why you should join Robert Walters California

I am going to be honest with you; it is not all about lunches and happy hours.

Recruiting takes a certain skill set to be successful. It’s an industry that is entirely what you make of it. While it requires excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic and thick skin, it’s rewarding, both professionally and financially.

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If you need further convincing, consider these reasons:

  • It’s rewarding. We help people find work or grow their businesses. That in itself is personally satisfying. But it’s more than that; you can make great money if you’re ready to hustle.
  • It’s competitive. Recruiting is not a “show up late, leave early” kind of job. You must be ready to bring your A game every day.
  • You meet a lot of great people. If you consider yourself a people person, then you’re going to enjoy recruitment. Especially in the San Francisco Bay Area where there is so much innovation, disruption, and progress.
  • Opportunities for growth. The sky is the limit. At Robert Walters, you will have opportunities to learn, grow and work internationally. Over 90% of our senior management joined Robert Walters as a consultant and we have offices in 28 countries. Find out more about the exciting global career you could have at Robert Walters by checking out our global career page.
  • Make friends! Culture is so important to us. We want everyone to feel welcome, enjoy working hard and have fun! Visit our Twitter page to see photos from our recent company events.

Are you convinced yet?

If so, get in touch to learn about opportunities with Robert Walters.

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You just might love it as much as we do!

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