#RealRecruiters Series: Stephanie Pal, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Robert Walters Los Angeles

Robert Walters Los Angeles is helping build out the finance, accounting, and operations teams in the burgeoning tech scene of Southern California. Hear about how Stephanie Pal has helped launch Robert Walters' 3rd U.S. office in partnership with Frederic Tehard, and about her experiences as a Senior Recruitment Consultant.

Where did you grow up, and what school did you attend?

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and attended Queen’s University, earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

How did you first hear about Robert Walters?

I was working in the food tech space when a recruiter from Robert Walters reached out to me. As it turns out, I also have a close family member that also worked for Robert Walters in London.

Did you have any preconceived notions about what it meant to be a recruiter? How have those changed since you started at Robert Walters?

To be honest, I wasn’t that familiar with the Recruitment world prior to my interactions with Robert Walters. I had been approached by Headhunters in the past, and had touched recruitment in some capacity as a hiring manager, but I never fully understood how dynamic, complex and fulfilling a career in recruitment could be until I was approached by Robert Walters. What drew me to Robert Walters was the business’s consultative approach, placing an emphasis on building real relationships with our clients and candidates and really helping them understand their business’s needs from a people perspective on any given search. Being very entrepreneurially driven myself, I also loved the fact that Robert Walters partners with high growth business founders and leaders that are solving really interesting problems. 

What is your current role at Robert Walters and what sorts of clients and candidates do you work with?

I’m currently a Senior Recruitment Consultant, partnering with Frederic Tehard, the Vice President and Head of SoCal. Our goal here in Los Angeles is to expand business throughout Southern California. LA is a huge market opportunity for us as the tech scene is burgeoning and the economy is thriving & so diverse. We typically partner with VC or PE backed private companies of all sizes and stages, with the common denominator being our clients are in high-growth mode and are in need of finding the right Talent to help them achieve this scale. As a Team we specialize by function, and at the moment in LA are focused in the areas of finance, accounting, and operations.

How has your career progressed since you joined?

The Leadership Team at RW CA are incredible at commending success where it is due and have continuously provided me with growth opportunities. After my first year with the business in our SF practice, I was promoted to Senior Consultant and offered the opportunity to join Frederic Tehard in launching our 3rd U.S. office in Los Angeles. We are in true “building” mode here and as a result the scope of my role is highly dynamic. Outside of leading senior level searches and mapping the market, much of my time is spent on business development to build our Brand in LA and bring in new business.

You have experience in a variety of different industries. What skills did you develop in your previous roles that have helped you succeed in your current role?

My background is in brand management and operations within the food / tech world. I have led national marketing campaigns for multi-unit restaurant brands, ran an e-commerce natural foods business, and even brought a CPG health food product to market. Having had these career experiences in high growth (sometimes VC backed) environments, I am able to understand first hand the fast-paced world our clients come from and the challenges they face with People & Talent. I believe this to be my greatest asset as a recruiter and contributing factor to my success in recruitment. In terms of hard skills, my experience in business development, sales, and negotiations have been invaluable to me in this role as well.  Food will always be my passion though, which is why I love partnering with innovative clients in the food and wellness space.

How would you describe the office culture in the Robert Walters Los Angeles office?

The culture at Robert Walters Los Angeles is very positive, team oriented and collaborative.  Everyone looks out for each other’s best interests. It is truly a supportive and encouraging environment, while also having a healthy dose of competition. Our office is fast paced, and we work very hard, but effort & success is always well-recognized.

We also recently took a fun group outing to the Malibu Pier to enjoy good company, celebrate a strong quarter, and connect with one another outside of the office environment.

What do you think is the best part about making a new candidate placement?

The best part about making a new candidate placement is definitely the feeling of fulfillment in finding a perfect match. I love hearing back from a candidate 3 months later to learn about their success in their new organization, and the positive impact that career fulfillment has had on other parts of their lives. It is also so gratifying to help a client find the right individual to help them succeed in growing their business.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about being a recruitment consultant at Robert Walters Los Angeles?

I was surprised to learn just how closely we work with businesses to fulfill their needs. I also think there is so much room for career growth at Robert Walters, considering our international presence  (we are in over 30 countries) and expansion plans across the United States.

What sorts of personality traits do you think someone needs to have in order to succeed as a recruitment consultant?

I think it’s important for consultants to have really great work ethic, resilience, patience, and perseverance.  Good listeners, strong communicators, and people who are passionate about building relationships will also succeed here.

Do you have any anecdotal stories you’d like to share?

One of my favorite companies to work with was Imperfect Produce because of their mission to decrease food waste. I love that I am able to work with mission-based companies that mirror my own values and passions.

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